dating for a divorced mother of 3

sure its difficult, thinking of your kids in the process, so you don’t get them confused or so no one will get attached.  It’s hard enough for me to make that barrier I can’t imagine it would be easy for them.  Putting yourself out there is a lot more difficult than it would seem.  Sure there is a internet site here & there but its very difficult to narrow your search & to put it all in paragraph form what you are looking for.  Maybe its just me, but it seems that putting yourself available can be interpreted in many ways.  What happened to the basics.  Sure I want to have a good, time but I mean wholesome honest get to know a person kinda fun.  I enjoy a variety of things but when it comes down to it. Everything revolves around my kids so putting I like movies & going to water parks & Dave & Busters, may seem lame but that’s what I do when I’m w/my kids.  So then the question comes what do you like to do for yourself.  I don’t do anything by myself,  unless I’m at work. So its almost like I have to rephrase things, I enjoyed Bowling, playing pool, I & karaoke.  Gonna try and give it a go, but you don’t want to say too much & that’s my dilemma


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