in the Dating life or lack there of

I realize that all the males before the one I haven’t met have already been pre labeled.  I admit that its not the possible prospect, but one that will fail to meet my expectations.  As hard as I try to give them a clean slate, it somehow becomes a score card. For example no I won’t name names, just scenarios.  This guy sets plans for a date, we agree but still not clear on time, we text each other, then nothing I call back because the day is passing by & I haven’t heard a text or a phone call & at this point unfortunately I both texted & called left a voice mail, to be let down. (yes I saw the signs when no text back)  Yep ditched as the old 80’s terms goes.  Keep in mind that this person I had already gone out with him 3 other dates.  I think I have an eagerness of finding “The one” and  give men the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time, I think all men will flake.  I guess because it keeps happening.    Although with all this technology age, you would have some form of communication available, and  sure no one likes getting dumped on the fon or text but I think cowards way out is way worse.  I have the what happened on my mind till the next guy, yet the whole time I’m wondering now what?  Putting myself out there is scary enough.  Being rejected is a whole different ball game, I’m having to get a thicker skin as some put.  Because I know like the cliche is said there’s plenty of fish in the sea.  So bring on the next date, I will try even harder to give them a clean slate.


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