sometimes quality time w/the children is about time spent

Today we went to do boring grown up stuff, I made it out of the house early and had my oil changed of course when you try to get 1 thing done, the service technician states all the other things that need to be done, about a 100, ok well maybe not 100 about 6 or 7 things.  These are the times I wished I new a trustworthy mechanic or at least new a little bit about cars in general. On to the boring stuff, so I headed home picked up my younger 2 and we went to get my car wheel alignment. When that was over I fully intended to take them somewhere fun, but that’s not what happened, its been like 100 degree weather so I decided to take all my 3 children out to eat, sure its not a fun venture but its together time.  While they can’t say oh boy! we had a blast, eventually as the years past I truly believe that we made a memory of together time.  I won’t always have the luxury of taking them out, so I hope they appreciate this one day.  I know I will cherish the memory.


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