I need to stop being so literal

although I wish it were a time when ppl said things & they meant what they said, so a guy tells me the other day he’s looking for a gf. Sure we’ve been out a few times. Although before I get too ahead of myself I was like, what are you looking for?  Discussion was nice.  Here’s what it boils down to since then he hasn’t acted like he’s wanted a gf.  I am the most over analyzer I know. As a matter a fact he called me out on it & stated I was dissecting something. He was right. I can’t help it sometimes but I just don’t get him.  I like him he says he likes me.  I just don’t think he wants a gf.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough.  Although the saying goes out of sight out of mind.  It happens so I’m just going to be patient. 


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