apparently talking is overrated

At least that’s what it seems to be I have tried to date this year a little more, let’s just say the communication seems to have faded away on some levels.  I’m not into textship.  I am dating this 1 person that is nice, respectable & nice but I brought up the topic about why he only text me during the day & I don’t hear from him in the evening.  (Warning sign) ladies hmmmm well I know he has a night schedule so its not like I’m really questioning that but when us ladies see this type of pattern that’s the 1st thing we think of oh he’s married or he has another honey on the side.  I have spoken to other males about my concern on this topic.  Funny or not they all come up w/the same common denominator.  Relax let stuff roll off, all the terms that can be thought of in refernce to: take it easy.  Take it all in stride.  Its hard for me to grasp the concept immediately but I am going to try this way. In my terms Don’t care, be generic don’t be so eager to ask questions that will bog the guy down.  For example after spending 2 or 3 days out of the week w/ him.  I was texting him how I missed him & his response would be oh that’s nice, until I spoke to him then he’d be like I miss you too.  I wondered if I was begging for it. So after our text conversation. In my mind I said why bother.  Your acting more interested than he is. I’m not into playing games.  I just don’t want to beg for a phone call.  I guess I already know the answer I shouldn’t be w/this guy cause his pattern is who he is? I guess I’m waiting it out.  I did have a real phone conversation and brought it up & we just went in circles.  I’m back at square 1 in my mind hung it up to get my mind ready for eh , stuff doesn’t matter.  Today he texts me I miss you like crazy.  So I replied back , really wow, that’s sweet.  We’re both at work so the gap between texts is delayed but I’m just going to go with the flow.  Trying something different. My way hasn’t worked so see what happens.


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