Things I know I am

Needy, seeks attention I guess that’s 1 in the same, but naggy I didn’t realize it was naggy to want to be called.  I guess it is. Apparently I’m not w/the times because I don’t want a textship.  I want a real relationship w/ a real man that seems simple but what I want is so much more. Nowadays its hard to find a good man PERIOD. I want a God Fearing respectable hard working handsome man who actually has time to seek me out.  It sounds like a lot w/ my full time job & I’m guessing his full time job kids & what not I’m sure an effort of both parties could find middle ground. If we’re both willing.  It takes two.  I didn’t say it would be easy, its definitely a task at hand but at this point I’m giving it to God because I can’t handle it. 


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