Remember when days of the week were just that?

I have no one to blame but myself, my anayltical self, UGH! trying to label everything, dissect everything to the extreme! Monday and Tuesday have come and gone, I can’t say they were a breeze but  here comes that day the day we called our day, Saying it out loud sounds pretty lame, but reality is that I used to cherish the one day we called ours, I’m not the pathetic romantic, I looked at it like quality time even if we did nothing else but be in the same room, dang it 1 day at a time is turning into 1 week at a time I’m hoping when I look back say 6 weeks from now I won’t have to count the days the hours okay not literally count but meaning it will be so far out of my mind that I won’t have to dread a simple day.  Love aches – Love hurts Love is out there to be embraced and cherished, I know this it took me a long time to even accept it, so gonna look at this experience from the outside looking in.  Idk all the answers, and I don’t know what the future brings but I’m ready to live day by day after the somberness goes away.  Till then regular home life and work life goes on.  Looking forward is a little easier when you stop looking backwards.


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