fresh on the market

okay maybe not fresh, but at least that’s sorta what I feel like, but being in my 40’s it’s definitely a different take. Sure my motto is I don’t have time for games, but at the same time isn’t getting to know someone, sort of a game. It’s like playing truth or dare without the dare or playing 20 questions and yet not being totally upfront. Games, Hoops- Loops been on the dating website, at one time, woah that is scary stuff, although I may go back on it, because truth be told it’s definitely more convenient to select via picture, even though the information they type may not all be truthful,;-) it’s kinda a luck of the draw. I don’t believe in luck unlesss your playing a scratch off or in Vegas ooooooh Vegas sounds good (random brain) Sigh! FOCUS! I said I would not do that ever again. Goes to show you the saying Never say never stands true. I’m not really in a hurry, but at the same time I feel sorta anxious, what was I missing out on while I was falling in love. Hmmmm yeah just wonder at times, is what’s out there really all it’s cracked up to be? I answer my own question by looking and looking again. What do guys really want? Instant gratifcation? Companionship? Who knows all I know is sometimes us women want the same thing, weather it’s a quick thrill or someone to hold, Go to dinner with, have a drink weather its coffee or an adult beverage heck it can even be water or a walk around a lake, just simple conversation. The rest is left unsaid until it becomes complicated then its back to the wondering and what-if scenarios….la di da sigh! I’m probably not ready just kinda wish a Mr Wonderful came out of the blue and said hey let me treat you to a nice evening out. This old girl can dream, until next time. That sounds like a quick fix or maybe I watch too many Lifetime movies or Hallmark Movies – love sick or just in love with the fact of being in love and then some.


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