not having all the info

so I tried to be pro-active and take my son to a Dr appt, I called asked if I needed a referral to be sent to a dermatologist. The appointment desk said they needed to refer me out. I get there the person tells me I’m going to be charged $50 down payment. Huh? I said when I called I asked do I need a referral, I said this doesn’t sound right? He says your bringing your child in as a sick patient. I said but I know I need him to see a dermatologist , then I said hold on let me call the insurance. I called the insurance and asked do I need to get a referral, the answer was no, So I left the Dr’s office and saved $50 plus who knows how much more $ The thing about not having all the answers is that the people in an office don’t have all the answers either, and us as the consumer/patient we are just looking for help. Trial and error kinda sux but as a mom I feel helpless at times. Even though we have to wait a few days for an appointment I’m just thankful that the problem isn’t huge. #Insurance #MeetingDeductibles #LearningAsIGo


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