I don’t care if people like me

but when it comes to my children I care, as much as I tell them not everyone is going to like you and as well on the same note they will run across people they may not like. I say the phrase children are mean too often especially since bullying has been on the rise. I say don’t fight back, go tell a teacher or someone in charge. I try to do my best on keeping my frustrations where they cannot hear, I know they may hear a tone at times. Trying to hold back seems best. Children should have it easy back in my elementary school days if 1 person blurted out loud or disobeyed a rule at school it was my punishment and my punishment alone, at least 2 days one of my children is writing a sequence of #’s in addition to their homework the number part is due to someone being in trouble so the whole class has to write. I don’t understand some teaching techniques. I am pro teacher I say the more they test our children the better. I like for my children to strive to do more etc. I just don’t like to see anyone picking on my children especially an adult. I don’t get it, sometimes I think oh its nothing but then I see certain patterns and wonder why they are picking on my child. I can’t wait for this school year to be over hopefully a fresh pick of wonderful teachers out there. I know their some great ones out there I have seen them in action.


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