Why The Pressure is harder

I don’t have all the answers I am in love and yet it is a little more complicated. I found this man about a yr ago and have let him go several times. Why is it because I’m afraid of him leaving me? I say yes.  I know he makes me happy and yet frustrated at times. But why because my lack of patience for adults is small. I am trying to hold on to him. I do know he loves me. I doubt him at times on showing up for a planned event, so in that area I don’t feel I can count on him. LOVE – love is more than spending time together its spending time apart and after this time away from him I want him in my life. I am ready to compromise with him in hopes I hope for the same.  I know I shouldn’t rush it and waiting on him to make moves is like waiting for a shooting star.  This time I hope my patience is calmer.  #FailedButTryingAgain #HopefulInLove


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