sunken heart sucks

as if I was not already unclear We start by having basic communication seems ok then we meet sigh only cause I sent text to confirm our meet. I go we enjoy the evening then he asks for his key back oh and on top of that when I met at 2nd location he gives me clothes & items I left at his place.  I want to have a full conversation but because I know he doesn’t like confrontation I don’t say much other than don’t leave me and he gives me lots of hugs after all is said and done on my ride home as I’m getting ready for bed as I rise I am feeling empty like a recent loss. Did he give me hugs goodbye.  I check my post on yes that media Hell FB and see that his name is greyed out.  I get to work and check his name on my list and its deleted all coincidence I think not How stupid am I.  I am texting him since last night and I haven’t heard from him its already the next day after 8am and he goes in at 7:30 by now I’d at least get a generic gm I have so much on my mind its ridiculous.  Yesterday my 8 yr old daughter asks mom are you not going to see him anymore I said why?   She said just asking.  Kids are so smart she noticed the bag for 1 and she saw me give him his key for 2.  What is wrong with this picture EVERYTHING.  Idk what else to think at this point talk about needing some answers before I continue to overthink this crap.  I love him is the biggest obstacle .  #SAD #Tired #overthinking #stressinginlove


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