Voice from a parent in the school system

Been a while since I’ve blogged but I’m needing to state my outlook of recent events.  Before I begin let me state I realize how awesome some teachers can be.  I totally support them and admire all the hard work they do on a daily basis in a classroom setting.  I know its not always easy to handle children class after class, and respond to emails or phone messages.  Now for the concern:  I have 1 specific instance that just occurred, referencing a 6 weeks project 1 afternoon 11/25/14 Thanksgiving week break my 3rd grader says I have 2 projects I looked in his backpack and I only saw 1, I asked where is the other one?  He said, I guess the teacher didn’t hand it out.  Of course realizing its break I had planned to mention it on Monday but I didn’t mention it until Tuesday, December 2.  Marked it High Priority apologized for delay and asked about instructions and subject for 6 weeks project.  Didn’t receive a reply.  Due to frequency of contacting school on other matters I’ve been told that they have up to 48 hours.  Unfortunately not this time.  I wrote back a week later and also phone messaged in addition, I also wrote the principal to not exactly intervene but to let her know how difficult it is in getting correspondence.  Granted at this point the project is turned in however the way it was handled was very unprofessional to say the least.  In addition I am feeling like my child(ren) get unfair treatment on account of me asking questions or being concerned in my childs education. So today 12/16/14 I mentioned this and wrote an email to the principal to state I hope that my constant emails don’t effect my child in a negative aspect. I am okay with being disliked, however not okay if my children are unfairly treated, whether they are liked or not shouldn’t be a factor.


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