its funny but not Some guys are truly shady

I am not surprised any more about daily communication of so called interested males. (insert sarcasm)  Ahhhh the fun of online chatting NOT! So I chat with this dude who A.  seems interested in part of our back in forth messaging, he says hey where did you disappear?  B.  Don’t leave I like you. Fast forwarding to this afternoon we speak he tells me he has several interviews in the Dallas Area yet his profile stated he lived in Irving (1st) red flag but I listen , I give him benefit of the doubt sorta, I asked, so how long have you been in Dallas?  Since Wednesday he replies  (2nd) red flag ummm wow I’m like that is literally just a couple of days, being that today is Friday.  I go about my business he says call me when your done, so I do I asked what are you up to he’s like I’m omw back to Louisiana (weirded out) I said oh why? He goes into this story about he was going to stay with his brother blah blah blah and there was drama with his brothers wife, etc.  I said ok wish you the best and let it go.  I’m not going to continue talking to someone who sounds so shady.  My question is why would a grown person in there 40’s move to another city with no job or place to live? (WHO! the hell does that?) I think I caught my 1st #Catfish! ha ha! well I didn’t exactly catch, let’s say definitely released.  Nice reminder don’t be so quick to meet and greet or whatever you call it.  I’m no expert and still definitely learning as I go.  But as Pink sings “I’m not here for your Entertainment”  Not sure what that guys agenda was, but trust me I don’t want any part of it.  I wish there was like a warning flag we could put on site to warn other users to be cautious of X Yor Z #carryon


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