Inner strength outter strength



I was faced with my own challenging battle.  I can always dish out good advice, but when it comes to myself taking it, I seem to avoid it.  Not on purpose, I just justify it, to where it doesn’t seem as if it’s not all bad. Well back to my scenario this dude I went out with calls and says he was thinking of me,  I said awww and had casual talk for a few minutes. I didn’t entertain the possibility of us seeing each other, not even in my head, the conversation ended and I said take care.   Hours later I got a text from someone else who’ve I’ve gone out with several times and he asked if he could see me this coming Saturday,  I said no, although I wanted to say yes, but didn’t.  Mainly because it’d be here we go again!  These dudes are not serious I come into their thoughts here and there but that is all I don’t want temporary. I’m the 1st to admit it’s not always easy to steadfast, be firm and say no. It’s a great feeling once I get to the point of not allowing bad decisions rule me. #IWantMore #StayPatient #SingleLife #GodsgottaPlan #Don’tAllowWeakness #ListeningToMyOwnAdvice 


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