not my words just sharing a sermon I heard this a.m 1/25/15 been a while

Sharing from this mornings sermon Pastor Rickie Rush

Sermon: Don’t Touch me! 5 classes of People need Deliverance: 1. Broken 2. Broken Hearted 3. Bound 4. Blind 5. Bruised . Pray I need Deliverance from: (speak it) The Sermon is not to be attacking but we choose to pick out a sentence and miss the purpose or blessing. Go ahead and preach he just is so awesome.   Broken Parents working to make Children have everything to be happy. Happiness is temporary, we keep Prioritizing happiness, but that doesn’t fix the problem. Nowadays parents want children’s approval. (I didn’t even Realize, I fit that at times) There was a time when the children sought out for the parent’s approval. “The Year of the Child” Children need to hear the words: 1. Watch 2. Practice 3. No 4. Wait 5. Serve. Don’t be a buddy! Earn Respect. Love will eventually and naturally flow. They will come around probably in the 30-40 yr age range, perhaps. The Game Plan now is to Rehearse for their future Life. Good Parenting VS. Unfit   Don’t let the children’s actions on what they do or say reflect on you as a parent. You are doing the best job you can. (Boy was that needed!) We are breeding Consumers more than we are breeding Contributors. We need to raise them to become adults who are:   Productive, Fulfilled, and Satisfied. Characters are built.


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