Changing Labels Todays Sermon by: Pastor Rickie G Rush

Watched IBOC on line sermon was about Changing Labels Highlighted the Kings son Mepibosheth who was lame on both feet.   This is an illustration of how God can turn our difficulties into blessings.  Meaning: We can’t allow our own crippleness, to prevent us from doing many things in our lives.  We’re so caught up in everything from social status to how we will  look to others, some ppl will take pride in your faults and not let it go, or how broken we are.  Their are some ppl that think they are more important and valuable than you are.   When you’re labeled and called out to the front to lead or just be called to do something, you might hesitate because people are making fun of you or that’s what you presume.  It shouldn’t matter just live your own lives. Sometimes quiet ppl are always depicted as ignorant ppl.  Ppl make you think u have nothing significant to say.  They don’t represent you. Amen! It’s always great to hear some powerful words and reflect.  God Bless our Pastor Rickie G Rush​


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