I’m not a good match for you

Those words are basically true, I said I’m not the one for you. Not the best way to have ended a conversation, but it made sense at the time. Look I’m over 40 hello! ! Granted I’ve been single and dating for quite a while I’m some what of an expert by that I mean I’ve been ditched more than a dozen times. I’m not even kidding; Anyways back to my point I was looking at the picture, (outside) looking )in( Questioned certain pera meters & visualized I can’t scale down. That sounds like 1 of those chick’s that makes lists or have a criteria. I don’t but at the same time I would like the option of a man being able to support me and my unit. Lots on my mind and I can tell I’m rambling. Well will cut this short for now and gather more thoughts tomorrow. Tbc….


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