I’m not a good match for you PART II

I admit it after yesterdays interaction conversation went sour, I needed a good pause moment to gather my thoughts and put aside my emotions.  I came to realize that I’d jumped in with both feet too swiftly.  I will learn from this experience and be more cautiously next time. At this point in my life relationships are like a business arrangement.  Ok well I’m not meaning that there are no feelings, cause I’m a feeler.  Some say too sensitive, so that makes it hard.  Sometimes I wish I had a little meaner streak, cold or harsh, but that is not me.  I tend to have a wall in the beginning.  Sure I’m a little hesitant to go back in.  This time I’ll pay more attention to the way things are laid out.  Pay attention to red flags, if your questioning certain things.  Let me be clear and state I’m not perfect I have a lot to work on ME in general. #GoWithyourInstincts


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