Be firm

Today I found myself a little stronger, I can be weak unfortunately. I can also be mean and harsh not on purpose. However recent events were clear I was disrespected, I mentioned that to the individual and he acted oblivious. I raised my voice. After all was said and done he said I can see the clear picture now. Funny but not! In the beginning of our conversation he asked do you hate me? I said no, I don’t hate anyone. I told him getting to know someone shouldn’t be this difficult. When I share info with you you’re very vague and I figured you weren’t really interested. At one point in conversation I asked why are we talking? You’re speaking in riddles and we’re just going in circles; I do have a tip for you if you do want to woo a woman, try and be a little sweet. I’m not saying to be all mushy and soft but take some time to show kindness. I also said that we haven’t had 1 conversation where there is no cursing and If I would’ve introduced you to my family how would it look or sound? Then if I say can you tone it down, it’d be like me telling you how to speak. It should come from you automatically. I told him he needs a woman who can tolerate and accept his roughness. I don’t expect you to change who you are but the simple things to me seem to be a struggle to you and vice versa. It was clear this should be our final good bye. #liveandlearn #atpeace #talkitout #closure


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