I’m a CONSUMER TOO! (Yelling) emphasis on caps

What’s the matter you say?  I call for a simple service, so I thought back on or about March 6, 2015.  I called AT&T to remove my home phone line, the rep gives me some options, stating they have some great deals, combos Uverse etc.  So I hear about the options, she says they have lots of promos internet as well and continues to ask about my TV service.  I said I currently have Dish Network its too high.  So she states they have partner with Direct TV.  This is where the HELL begins well not on this call per se, but signing up with Direct TV via AT &T was the worst business decision as a consumer I’ve made.  I can’t believe a company makes anyone pay for a service they don’t even have.  Call it what you want, my opinion that’s a thief, a scammer, and just not a business I would ever recommend.  Bottom line I was mislead, miscommunicated, and one dissatisfied customer even if it was for just 10 days.

I attempted to speak with a Supervisor / or Manager for both companies, but unfortunately that didn’t help. I pleaded and asked.  I said so even though AT & T rep is the one who sold me the service.  They stated the guarantees and contracts that AT & T and Direct TV are completely separate.

I guess since I’m being very detailed I might as well tell all. The cost to cancel is almost $500 Was I floored Heck Yeah! $460 because I did have it for part of the month ugh! Yes I want to cry or scream or both. But for now I just blog.
#companyistheexpert? #representingfacts #needmoreclear #details
#Needtoaskmorequestions #madeacostlyconsumererror #blogging


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