what was going to be a spur of the moment outing =what was I thinking

On Saturday 3/28/15 it was a busy morning 1 of my children had tutoring, from 9-12, so no waking up late today, but its all about the kiddos, especially when it comes to education.  I knew it’d been a minute since I’ve taken my children to a “fun” outing.  So I thought I’d take them to mini golf.  I have a 9, 10, and 15 yr old so having said that.  Let me tell you, NEVER AGAIN! those weren’t just my words.  So to tell you a little of how it was:  They were like what! Mini golf, oldest I don’t like mini golf, I’ve never liked it.  Moving on, then we went forward to the 1st hole, that’s when my younger two started their grumbling.  Despite the negative vibes of the children, I tried to make the best of it.  I’m an experienced mom, (spoken sarcastically) yep I got it all figured out, lol.  As we headed to the parking lot, my teens says those words, “NEVER AGAIN”  we all agreed, for the most part.  Then my daughter said thank you mommy.  I suppose it softens the disappointment.  My children aren’t ungrateful most of the time.  Don’t get me wrong, they’ve had their bratty moments.  I see now that my normal not telling them routine will not work.  In the past I would surprise them because when I say we’d be going somewhere, they would ask over and over again: “When are we going?”  From now on I will make sure and be clear, take a vote or compromise so to speak. #liveandlearn moment


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