The game, so don’t want to play, but it’s happening

Let me start by saying, YES! We all have busy lives some more than others but that is still no excuse for not reaching out to that someone who has shared that conversation of including you into their life. Woah what an intro.  I’m at a point where I don’t know when guys are being truthful or just saying things that sound good but not meaning it. Today I had to tell myself don’t reach out to him. Why? Basically because that’s all I’ve done and all I get in return is that he is busy. So I set it in my mind if he wants to contact me, then he will do so. Well boy was I wrong 1st part of the day passed it was almost 11a when I was conscious of the hour, nothing, fast forward a little and here it is 8:47p and still nada.  Hello McFly if that isn’t a slap in the face of Reality idk what is! Trust me the thoughts of sending a generic what’s up text crossed my mind, but I stayed firm. Stop chasing those that are not interested in you. For Real though. I have to say these eye openers are on point.  I have to stop settling and just focus on me.


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