Emotions over thinkers lots of #overanalyzing

Was just wondering why I am how I am. I googled  “emotions” then clicked images this is one of the many diagrams that it showed.

Apparently Emotional Intelligence is a thing.
Rambling thoughts. I may say I can’t meet a man who wants to spend time getting to know me.  But do I know me? Get to know yourself!  I’m telling myself that.  I am a woman who wants to communicate. Who wants to be heard, caressed, kissed, held. Someone who’s going to pay attention to me, my needs. I’m self sufficient, independent. Some women say I’m intimidating, that’s why men don’t approach me. Idk the real reason. I am discovering myself daily meaning when I’m out with a man or talk to him I’m in tune with what’s going on. Are we vibing, attractions are important, but how they treat you in public is very important. Respect, consideration.  My over analytical self is on high alert, especially when I get ditched, blown off. I think wow! Guys can be so rude, I don’t get it. It takes a minute to text or call hey I’m not going to be able to meet. Simple right, well apparently avoidance, ignoring and cluelessness is the way to go. NOT! I cannot control how those guys act,  but I can control how I will not receive them next time.  Meaning that call or text, be generic and not interested.  I say that and know it won’t be easy, but if I state how I’ll react, then I’ll have a mindset of how I will be.  Or Should be! Enough of what I want, how I am with the person I’m interested in, attentive, caring, affectionate and then some. I have to say learning about me is eye opening to say the least. Hard for me to believe the opposite sex sometimes because of al the people I seem to run across are dishonest.  Sometimes I think I’m too honest. I don’t believe in sugar coating. What’s the point?  


I wish everyone could be honest seems so far fetched nowadays, but I’m still hopeful.



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