Bad food bad customer service = high probability I won’t go back

I usually order lunch from this place more than once a month.  Wok N Go 3260 Irving Blvd in Dallas ummm well yesterday I thought I’d take some to go it is called Wok N Go .  I got there around 5:20 ordered sesame chicken plate as well as a general chicken which that <<–right there is normally my favorite. Let's just say I was disappointed the chicken was tough and the rice was hard. Granted I'm tired from the day. So I didn't call the place until today around 1p. The girl who answered asked do you want me to get my manager.  I said well I would like to relay how bad the food was, so yes.  I told him. He said I can't do anything if you called me yesterday I might of done something. I'm like we'll I guess I'll write about it.  Doesn't seem he took the least bit of interest. If it's one thing I can't stand it's poor customer service.  That's  $16 down the drain, between my son, my mom and I, it's unanimous it wasn't good. Who wants tough chicken and hard rice well, we were all disappointed.  #dinnerfail


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