The big franchises do care about customer service

This was my MCDs experience I went thru the drive thru we all know what that means but since I don’t curse well let’s just say Joe Pesci said it best on Lethal Weapon, #Toofunny #butsotrue
This week I was really wanting an egg mcmuffin mmmmm those are so good I had been savoring it for a week since 1 of my coworkers brought one in. So I was already to enjoy my breakfast when I opened the wrapper and saw the muffins, yep both English muffins burnt now we’re not talking over toasted I’m talking charcoal black.  So I was hungry lol, well I was already at work so I couldn’t drive back. I called MCDs location 650 N Riverfront Blvd in Dallas. No answer but there is an Email option so I did that got a response 24 hours later that they would contact me. I got my call today, she apologized and acknowledged the error and said they would look at the new trainees. I said thanks for calling me back I just thought someone should know for future orders and she said she appreciated my feedback. In closing she said she was going to send me some coupons for future use. I told her thanks so much. See this is exactly what I love, the simple gesture acknowledgement and good customer service after 1 bad experience.


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