took me a while to write about it, but here it is: Yep it happened to me

It began Saturday, I called a “friend” ( I feel I have to explain, since I’m sharing my story) This was not a romantic connection, just a friend I thought was cool we hung out a couple more times before this and had gone dancing before so I was just wanting to Dance. asked if he had plans and he said I’m glad you called I was just getting off of work and was trying to plan an evening.  I said well, I feel like dancing, what were you thinking?  He says how about Gloria’s in Addison?   I said that sounds good.  I’ll let you wind down and I’ll touch base around 8.  Cool.  We spoke around 8 and so far so good.  I text let me know what time you are leaving so I can time myself.  Granted he’s coming from Denton, so that’s why I needed to pace myself.  We make an approximate time to meet around 10:30.  I head that way around 9:45 when I get stuck in traffic, I made a heads up call, no answer, so I voiced messaged and stated  I was stuck in traffic.  I get to the venue around 10:20 and I call to say I’m in the parking lot.  No answer.  I text no reply,  I wait and text again 10 minutes later or so.  I say on the text where the heck are you?   No reply.  I call again, nothing.  I’m pissed at this point.  I waited foolishly till 11:20 I finally text again my last text I’m leaving this is ridiculous.  Who does that?  yes I text that as well.  He replies no.  No call back just that. The word no,  around 2 something he texts Wow! thanks a lot.  I was like dude really! your going to turn it around on me.  No way!  I said your the one that ditched me.   What kind of person does that says their going to meet and just leaves someone hanging?   His reply I was there waiting for you and I didn’t hear the phone.   Ummm really!   Next morning he sends me a video to show that he’s there as well as pictures of him and his friends 1 of them 1 of his baby mama.  As if I care.      All that I replied to that was on top of you blaming me, your throwing it in my face, the hell with you look at me. Your a jerk beyond a jerk. Again what kind of person does that?  I got sorry , let me make it up to you.  I said sorry should have been last night.   Whatever.  I’m not repeating myself to a grown man.   You should’ve figured out on your own that you were wrong.  It shouldn’t have to be pointed out to you.  And with that I’m done.   This isn’t the 1st time I got ditched.  From other men, unfortunately it’s a repeat,  What in the world ever happened to people of their word.  That was awesome.   Bring that genuine stuff back. Disappointed in Dallas and I didn’t go dancing if I was an extrovert I would be going on my own. But that will never happen. Completely an introvert.


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