Responsibility being taught, work in progress, but act like a boss!

What does that even mean, I can’t speak as if I’m a teenager evening was one 30 years sgo. Today I got a call from my 16 yr olds Manager, he asked where was he? stating  he was due at work at 5! Embarrassed and shocked since he had told me differently. Seeing as it was 5:20 when I got the call,  I apologized and said would you like him to come in as soon as we can get him there? He replied yes.  I spoke with my son, mentioned what had been relayed to me and he was like oh, but I didn’t see schedule, I said next time ask where to look since your new. In the meantime get ready you’re going to work, he said are you serious?  I said yes I’m serious you are scheduled till Midnight so your boss stated whenever you can get there, it’s appreciated. He responded ok fine! Tone of a teenager, I could’ve been apologetic only. That’s not me, I’m an over analytical person and question how would I treat each situation. I say if I were were a boss and I had X # of employees on schedule then that meant they were scheduled for a purpose.  There are many thoughts that I had: 1 should I  be lenient? 2. it’s the summer  3. He’s already late, let it slide 4. RESPONSIBILITY is all that stuck out. So I went with that, my mom and I were out  and about,  so she was able to take him by 645p. So thankful for my mom. Her and I are on the same page to teach him what this trait we both have responsibility. Picked him up at midnight and he had a good day, I asked him what did the boss say, he said the boss gave him a break. I told him he should be grateful. He’ll learn and I’m still learning too.


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