#rp #realtalk #readers #imposters #youknowwhoyouare


Saw this poster and it is so fitting this morning a person of the male species told me that’s why:  you are single! Hmmm ok I didn’t know, exactly what he meant.  So glad his validation made sense ( insert sarcasm)  Funny thing is he didn’t say why. Had I wanted his opinion I’d ask for it. 1st of all we’ve never met ( you guessed it online dating) or in this case chatting 2nd of all he didn’t elaborate. If I thought his opinion mattered I’d be like please do tell, enlighten me with your infinite  wisdom, Mr single dude.  HA! There’s the funny part —》Dude《—- some men don’t like it when I call them dude. I’m like dude get over yourself it’s just an expression habit I suppose and on the flip side I know some women that don’t like to be called chic I’m ok with it. Back to post it’s a perfect poster for plenty of people out there. #Iftheshoefits #youdontknowme


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