I got scammed today yes I have stupid moments today 7/31/15 Totally proved it! please read and share

Unbelievable guess who got scammed? me trustworthy Girl unbelievable I’m still in shock so this person fictitious I’m sure now going by the name DeShawn Simpson gave a false address as well on the app Offer Up which normally I love, stated to meet him at this address 1313 Meadow Creek in Lancaster Tx . I was trying to sell my Sons Xbox 360 w/ wireless controller.  When I got there he portrayed to be coming out of the house there was 2 guys I noticed a few houses down, they waved, I was like ok these neighbors are just being friendly? Wrong they were his crew.  He approached me I said do you have the $115 he said I have $300 I said well we discussed $115, he asked how do I know it works I said well how do I know your money is real?  From that point he says I would like to try it out.  Like a dummy I say ok he walks towards the back of the house that’s when I was like ok something is not right and I didn’t get the money, yes totally my fault there.  Minutes later an Suv parked behind me and this lady gets out of the car she goes to ring the doorbell, surely he will answer. NOPE, he didn’t I walked towards her asked her who was she meeting she said a guy about a phone.  I said if I were you I’d leave this is a scam. I already called the police and their on their way here, to do a report.   She said thank you and went on her way.  Moments later 2 more vehicles pulled up, I was like this is messed up.  These dudes are scamming people left and right.  I warned both parties and asked that they report him as well.  When I observed the 2 dudes get in a car I took the plates and called the Lancaster police they were driving a cobalt blue nice looking car plates TXP189. Yes,  I have dumb /stupid moments, this totally proves it and never again I hope. I’ve said it before and will say once again Thieves are so bold. When I spoke with dispatcher she called me back and stated they’ve stopped that vehicle before this month. I said get them. 3 lancaster Police suvs here now. This happened at 11:45am CST, so when I was telling my situation to the Officer Sparks Lancaster Police I felt like this sunken feeling of why would a grown woman make such a dumb move?  When he was giving me the feedback stating he would write up the report he can label it as a theft, but technically you gave it to him.  I was stunned and wanted to say a million things instead I stayed quiet.  He asked me to get the serial number, thank God Game Stop Customer service was very efficient and I got it because had I not been able to retrieve that, I wouldn’t be able to show proof we actually owned it.  Seeing as how its actually 2 years old, of course I don’t have the box. A few houses down 1 of the 3 teens was being questioned, along with his grandparents so I don’t know what conversation took place, I could just see them speaking.   At one point I could see the teen speaking on his cell phone so care free. Of course I’m disturbed! At the end of our waiting Officer Sparks gave me the police report at 1:21pm.  He asked any questions I asked are you writing it up as stolen? He said yes. I asked is he going to be arrested? Then he said they did this same thing yesterday.  I was bewildered, I had many questions after that, but knowing we had been there a while I just thanked him and went on my way.  To say the least this is an eye-opening situation that has taught me to be more cautious.  Live and learn yep that sums it up.  I pray that everyone including me will be more cautious.  Exchange phone numbers and follow up with a public meeting point.  I have used the Offer Up app several times and this is my 1st scam so I can’t bad mouth them.  However a total of 4 people including me today would have been scammed had I not warned the others.  I want him to be arrested, I’d like the equipment that he stole from me as well.  I would love for my situation to reach as many readers as possible.  On an upside I truly think things could of been worse, and I thank God they weren’t.


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