has anyone used Mylife.com or on the flipside has anyone been scammed by Mylife.com

Well as of a week ago I’ve been receiving a few emails indicating that someone has viewed my profile.  Then I read another email that stated someone wrote a review about me.  When I attempted to log in to my profile, seeing as how I didn’t remember I clicked on the link forgot my profile and started to navigate on the site.  I tried to explore who viewed me it gave me a basic gender and age and where they attended HS.  Tried to go back in to try and view this particular review that was written about me, however I wasn’t able to.  I tried to reach out to the CEO, I thought it was worth a shot, well my 1st two attempts were to call the customer service numbers on the site.  Unfortunately I didn’t get anywhere, the reps just wanted to sell me a couple different packages.  I guess I need to start at square 1 and I’m sure it’ll be a long process.  So for now I’ll blog and hopefully someone will give me some insight, while I search for some answers.   To the CEO just in case you read this, thank you.

Mr Jeff Tinsley

I tried to write on Twitter , as you know its limited so I don’t recall enrolling back in 2012 as you can see I haven’t fully updated my profile.  I called 2 x but each rep just wanted to sell me several packages, all I want is to talk to someone who will tell me the whys.  I don’t want to write to much just incase I get forwarded to another person to contact.  Thanks for any assistance


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