Wake-up already, and take your own advice, would ya!

When I hear myself begin to complain or gripe about a dude. I’m like stop it! already! Too bad it’s the truth though, I’ve met some pretty flaky dudes. Sad and kinda funny, but not cause I’m actually venting about it.  I don’t think anyone would make this stuff up. #OnPurpose– Sure I’ll be vague, just cause who really cares? I’ll start with false hope, misleading and just down right LIAR’S! I’m a thorough communicator and I don’t mean text.  So trust me when I say I’ve tried to communicate.  I don’t know why guys play games. I could guess though, perhaps to get their ego stroked, a feeling of having options sure there’s a lot of fish in the sea. I’m no barbie doll, or stunning looking model. I’m real, I’m genuine and pretty simple. My looks I’d say maybe a 7, probably cause I’m self conscious on weight, but that’s me. I’d hoped by now the older generation would be looking towards building a friendship to relationship.  Not the moment we connect, but striving to that place of companionship.   Every one I’ve met seems to be casual dating. No serious intentions and as long as they state that, okay understood. It’s the one’s that say hey baby, sweetheart, but yet when their around you, their phone is put away.  If you meet on a website, of course you have to know theirs others in the mix. I’m talking past date 4 or 5 when you both should be clear what’s next.  Seems nowadays guys want to be chased, hey I want to be chased, that’s the old school in me or the old fashioned way, that I think it should be. Since I don’t chase, it’s up to the guy, I know whatever I’m doing must not be working because I’m still single and dating, a woman has options also,
  yet society will be quick to label her a floozy.  Sometimes I kiddingly think ok the next dude I meet or chat with I’ll make a 20 questions list, then I’ll say nah, and don’t do anything.  The bottom line is I need to be okay with me being solo. I’ve verbalized it, but then catch myself romanticizing about how it would be to be in like 1st then in love  with someone. Then reality hits wake-up woman. I think I’ve rambled enough and will take my advice like all those posters we see. If someone wants you in their life, you won’t have to beg for attention or chase them down. That is all for now. I have more to say, but I figure this is quite a mouthful.


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