Inconsistency and lack of customer service

Whatever happened to informing the community? I’d like to be in the know.  I’m getting on my soap box for a moment. I pay my taxes, I recycle and care about my neighborhood upkeep. So if not weekly, its monthly or whenever the need arises, I’ll call 311 City of Dallas 214-670-3111 that is my go to source when I want to report an issue in the neighborhood. Last Wednesday 12/23/15  My mom calls while I’m at work stating the garbage collectors had just passed by, oh great! I thought let me call 311 and do a report so they can put it in the system, so about 9:30 a.m. I phoned them they do a report give me a # 582535.  I called to follow up about 2 p.m. the representative stated they would be back on the next business day, understandable because of the holidays. So on Monday 12/28/15 I call about 11 a.m. to my disappointment the representative states the request was closed I asked why? She said she’s not sure why but that the garbage collectors would be back on this Wednesday. I ask for a Supervisor she says let me give you Sanitation District 1 #214-670-8235 I left a voicemail in the meantime I see their just passing the buck meanwhile my trash is stacked high, still! No one returned my call I even left two messages, Tuesday 12/29/15  I call Sanitation District 1 about 8:30 a.m. someone answers I give my details she says okay ma’am they will be by tomorrow, I asked well someone told me it would be yesterday and it didn’t happen can I speak with a Supervisor she transferred me to Charles Moore I give him the details, he says we’ll be by there tomorrow, I asked then why did a representative tell me different, he says that’s what 311 does they don’t know cause they’re not out there.  Talk about no one taking blame and no one having the answers, he just said ma’am they’ll be there tomorrow. I said you already said that and that doesn’t help since my trash is full, but okay thanks.  This whole thing could’ve been avoided if we residents, taxpayers had been in the know.  Bottom line I have no clear answers and had more than one person brush me off , from a consumer side this has been a bad process of inconsistent communication and lack of customer service.  All I can do is write about it and sure no one really cares until their the affected individual.


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