Just when I thought I was set

I’m ordering at the drive-thru at McD’s and get to the window to pay for my order it’s only $3 and change but of course having no cash I rely on my credit card/checking card.  I was ready to use my new Chase card with the chip for secure transaction.  It was declined, as I’m waiting for the representative to try the card again and I’m calling Chase Customer Service.  He asks what is the last 4 of my number, realizing it’s the same last 4 of the card I just had, so that was baffling only thing that changed was the expiration day.  I mentioned I called the number in last night to validate it and it was fine.  I’m rushed for time as I’m on my way to work and he says I have to verify some items, I said ok and left the establishment apologizing I had to leave the food.  I’m embarrassed cause it looks like I don’t have funds, when truth be told Chase messed up.  They don’t know that but, I couldn’t stay to explain.   The Chase representative states looks like the card they sent you is a replacement card which is no longer valid, I said that doesn’t even make sense!  Why would the representative I spoke to on the 5th of January send me a card that is not even valid?  Seriously he says we can send you another card, well I’m thinking yes I do need a valid card!  I’m beyond irritated at this point but I keep my composer, and ask can you just overnight the card to me, right away he says yes, we’ll send it at no charge, I’m thinking umm yeah but just let him speak.   He apologized for inconvenience yet I can’t wrap my head around what that 1st representative was thinking when they sent me the card in the 1st place? (my opinion) Retraining!!!  I’ve worked with Customer Service for the majority of my working life and that’s about 27 years, I’m not saying I’m an expert, but being thorough on a job and dealing with Customers needs takes priority.  I try and place myself in most situations how would I like to be treated?   Am I doing a service for the customer that is meeting their needs?  These things sound pretty simple, but I think that a lot of companies don’t train their employees or must not show the necessary Customer Service Skills that are much needed as well as appreciated.  I’m a consumer as well as a Customer service participant whether its work related or every day life.


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