Home owners Insurance is skyrocketing 

So I received my renewal insurance paperwork yesterday, and come to find out it’s really expensive! For a year it’s a little over $2000 That’s putting it mildly in turn it raises my mortgage payment so I’m shopping around and so far hitting some brickwalls. I totally understand being covered but dang I’m not wanting to dish out another 60 bucks on my house payment at least not willingly. The current insurance I’m with Homeowners of America tells me that my insurance score has gone up which means it gives me less of a break discount wise. I ask them who can I call they tell me Transunion Credit score so I call them and their like, no your insurance configures your score from the score they look up. Passing the buck while I’m clueless with no definite answers still. Now I have to wait around for 2-3 days for a shop around and 7 days for my credit to be mailed in the meantime I’ve got nada. I will wait because I have no choice however I did call Amica because I asked a neighbor who they have insurance with so thought I’d try them. Boy! Oh! Boy! they are super duper high I’m talking over $3500 a year high so yes I look at it like I’m getting off cheap but really I still think I’m paying too much and the fact remains who creates the insurance score? Someone have any suggestions Texas Tornadoes don’t help I’m guessing on the high costs!


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