Had to let it soak in: this is a doozy and jaw dropping : (

This is going to be one of those long drawn out back and forth with thoughts all over the place.  I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts since it happened meaning where to begin?  I’ll start current and go backwards so on February 14 #Valentines day 2016.  I found out the man I was seeing was seeing someone else. So let me begin by saying maybe I should’ve believed all the myths everyone I’ve spoken to  they say, “You know what they say about #truckdrivers!” Well I didn’t want to listen you know, me being grown folk and all I chose to do what I wanted. Yet here I am the one that’s hurt and apparently I was never even considered as a factor in his life. I say that because when I found out Valentine’s morning I attempted to call him  his name is #DerrickFoulks from #Memphis #Tennessee  so this is also a #headsup for my fellow women to be on high alert for this #Professional #Liar yep I attempted to text him also. His phone number #901-482-9731 birth date 8/29 Guess what I was ignored! Now if that isn’t a clear picture idk what is. This #long-distance thing began long ago it was an on again off again, more so because I missed him and I wanted to see him more. So I would call it quits.  Well this player played me too well, he said baby I’m going to do better. Just like that I accepted that response. Certain times I’d be like why didn’t I hear from him? I hated the feeling of him being states away he is from, Memphis, TN so yes I can do the math. I probably shouldn’t have even had the 1st meet, but I did he told me about himself and I hesitantly said okay let’s get to know each other. He’d tell me I love you baby, I miss you so much and I chose to believe him. #Sigh #HopelessRomantic #smh from the time I met him #online via #pof #online #dating #site sure I wondered? How many more? I actually believed him when he took down his #profile, at some point you have to give trust and I chose to, in this case. I also questioned as to why his profile location stated TN and DFW, he said I come thru Dallas all the time. Well I chose to take the leap. I’m not a male basher, man hater, nor a bitter woman. I’m simply sharing #oversharing my #Lifetime #movie. I’m in a jaw dropping shock still and  wishing it wasn’t true! However I can’t make this mess up. This male species is the type to lie to your face without batting an eye. That’s a good liar, dude that is nothing to be proud of! -js 
  This was at Outback I know that wall well it’s 1 of my favorite #eateries   
This was taken at the truck yard in #Lancaster, Yep I saw him on Mother’s Day that year, 5/11/14 boy did I feel special Not! we went to Whataburger but because I knew his time was limited (that’s what he told me) I didn’t care before we kissed and said goodbye or as I believe he laughed as I walked away, sighing now cuz I was #clueless 

Taken at Chilis don’t remember which location but it was 11/21/15

Only know cuz I took our photo   

And yes those 3 pics above, I tore myself out!

Well if your still reading this, thank you this is my way of venting. If your a woman you may understand I need closure, well at least I do. Now for the way I came to the knowing it was Valentines morning Fedex delivered  

Ok but there not for me it’s my address on the sticker but her name I call the number on the box will not disclose because she is innocent and has no fault in this we got played. I call and say it looks like we got played the card insert reads #HappyValentinesDay #ILoveyou signed #DerrickFoulks 

They were never intended for me I get that how can I get mad at her for his royal screw up but I’m glad I know the truth now just wished I’d know a lot sooner. 

Sure the roses were pretty 


But you best believe that a minute later they were trashed just like whatever our arrangement was I’m so disgusted  

Maybe you think I’m awful for putting this mess out here. I never did anything to him to make him treat me like an option. Yet I was a backup! a side chick! and didn’t open my eyes to see it. I’m mad at myself this is why I’m taking responsibility by saying I chose to accept or I chose to believe. If I were advising my friend I would tell her #wakeup #sista so I suppose in the insecure back of my mind I shoulda, coulda seen it. I chose not to. I’m angry at him. I tried to call him 2x that day sent him 4 texts asking for an answer as to why he treated me that way. All I got was ignored. So I will put it on paper so to speak and vent it all. I never heard from him not even a pathetic apology I meant zero to him. I’m going to come out of this rut, I’d like closure but it’s not going to happen. Sure I feel as stupid as it sounds when I hear myself typing these words my story it’s like why? Why would I want a sometimes man? The answer is I wouldn’t, but yet I tolerated it for too long. I just hope that no other woman gets caught up in his lies. So these are some of the pictures he took and shared with who knows how many women tbd ??  

Don’t forget the name ladies Derrick Foulks 
  I love the Spurs so he totally destroyed this representation of a good team name , moving on 
Another great shirt I mean who doesn’t love Captain America dude you are no super hero, sure you my not have a biological daughter but your still an influence on a young teenager and your doing poorly in my opinion. This is not how you treat a lady. Trust me I’ve learned my lesson. 

did I mention disgusted well that’s my vent apparently I’m a journalist because it’ll be shared via a #tweet. My blog, my vent,  let me just say this is only related to the #trucker I met.


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