Fraud -Identity Theft Royally sucks!!

Paying taxes is unavoidable,”for the most part” there are those side jobs that exist but I don’t have that luxury.  So back to my story I went to get my taxes prepared as I always do since I was 16 and had a JOB. I went to have my taxes prepared on February 13th, but Lo and Behold  my social security number got reported that someone already submitted my 2015 taxes!!!! So the only thing I received was a form letter, on February 17th. So I don’t know the why’s or how YET! I can’t wait to find out!  I really hope I get some answers that make sense and prevent this from EVER happening again, to me or anyone else.  In the meantime I have to wait 180 days when I read up on the IRS website and inquired as to what to do?  I’m like 180 days that’s 6 months SERIOUSLY! I’m floored but I must continue to do my part and let “The system” do what it needs to do.  There are no quick fixes.  I had no idea what to do 1st I was unclear as to wait to receive more information or to start the ball rolling, but being who I am I don’t usually do nothing I inquire on Google so I looked up the phone #800-829-1040 I saw the Q & A and what to do so I needed to  Complete IRS Form 14039 . On March 15th I faxed my documents with the form mentioned.  Today 3/31/16 I finally get a response from the IRS that reads, we received your documentation. Ahhhh relief I’m glad to know my inquiry is in the works, even though in the letter it clearly states, it’ll be up to 180 days ugh. I knew but I was like I have no choice.


Today I also called the social security office to inquire if there is something I should do on my end? They said no.  Everything has to be processed via the IRS. So I sit and wait, so to speak. That’s my overshare. 


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