#RP singles /Dating topic and adding my input

Sharing this and blogging about it woah! is all I have to say I disagree just cause I’ve experienced some interesting ones that are “dating” “browsing” “looking for better” I get in the beginning its a Let’s scope out who this person is? Fact finding maybe 20 ?’s or just learning from the way they speak. Well I’ve found out that games still exist, not everyone is completely genuine, so until then filter out the gamers use your gut instinct and intuitions.   Feel free to keep reading or choose to add your opinions. 
Well before my experience normally I would say that, the dude is just not into me! 🙃😑😬 After dating I can honestly say it’s not so cut and dry. I’m very direct in conversation the clearer the communication the BETTER! So from my take I see some of these dudes play too much, textship is how they want to conversate. No SIR ! and someone asking me everyday how are you? How’s your day going? Is not a way to get to know someone! Let me just say this is just my take and this may be no surprise, but I’ll state it anyway. The source I’m referring to specifically is the online dating. Why for one I rarely go out, so I thought it would be easier, boy was I wrong! In the moment you both decide to exchange phone numbers, that’s when you will know okay he/she wants to connect. Once you speak you will see, alright this conversation is flowing, cool 😎unmm not so much sometimes they will wait several days it’s like they just have too many options, just a thought. 🤔 That is great and all for them but all I say is be upfront and honest why is that so difficult ? Let me also say that I’ll reciprocate or initiate calls, but once I see 👀 it’s one sided. The 📷 picture becomes clear. Bottom line they don’t want to make time to get to know you.


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