Motherhood shout out on Mother’s Day 5/8/16

Things that come to mind when it comes to being a “good”mom in my children’s eyes I can see the disappointment, because I’ll be too lazy to take them to the park. Saying, No when they go to the store with me and they ask for shoes. While I don’t want them to grow up to be spoiled or selfish sometimes I think man I really need to step up my mom game. 

So my children are 10, 🏃🏽11, 👩🏻and 16 🚶🏻 I love being a mom, but true confession sometimes I’m so clueless as to what the right choice is. So yes I wing it. I want to be guiding them in the right direction so I do pray for my guidance and believe God has a hand in all this. 

For those that think they are failing me include here’s a cute picture post I found.

A few more to share and sums up some of my emotions on motherhood 

Well at least I’m not Mommie Dearest. 

And last but not least this is classic and true


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