Don’t be that not so nice neighbor

Yesterday was trash/recycle day and no one cares after the fact but this is my block in Oak Cliff. Sanitation District 1. Around 1 my mom tells me the trash only came to our street but picked up the trash across our street solely. I make the call to ‪#‎CityofDallas‬ 311 214-670-3111, they give me Sanitations number ‪#‎SolidWaste‬ 214-670-8235 which I already had. I call them they state they will have someone check as to why the trash didn’t get picked up instead someone comes in their personal car parks and observes that I’m telling the truth. As of this post 24 hours later my trash is still sitting there. So the neighbor across from us informs my mom his trash was picked up however since his bin was out he was at work till evening so some not so nice neighbors on our street found it convenient to put their trash in his bin. He just wasn’t home from work to view it. We know for a fact that the not so nice neighbors pile was ridiculously high and now it’s vanished hmmm what jerks I say. Just plain rude we are all taxpayers why would anyone do that? I called to check on status again City of Dallas – City Hall and the Solid Waste crew is working today so 311 assured us that it will get picked up some time today. I’m irritated at the fact that 1. The crew missed 1 side of the street and 2. That neighbors would purposely do that to other neighbors. Just rude! There’s my vent carry on.


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