Introvert Test was tense 😬 

Who knew that eating a meal would be so hard?  Okay, well let me just say I’ve never eaten alone other than grabbing a coffee at McD’s. This was my first and last meal eating alone at a restaurant. I had so many tense and awkward moments it felt like Anton of pressure. I sound like a weirdo even typing, but it’s true. From my first bite to me asking for more  water, I felt like all eyes were on me. I almost backed out when I pulled into the parking lot, but I went through it. I was so relieved when I was done.  My meal was delicious and I’d been wanting those beef spinach quesadillas for a while. Now I can say I’ve done it, and I’m not doing it again. I commend all those people that are confident and free, to eat as a party of  one. However, I’ll stick to picking up food to go. 


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