Who wants to be disregarded?

Not me or anyone I know. Let me start by saying I know everyone isn’t the same, by that I mean sensitive or cold and sure some in between. I’m the sensitive type, some say overly sensitive. If someone comes to me or calls me with their situation, I try and be a good listener. I would acknowledge the topic and try and say something comforting or at least try to be an ear because a lot of times that’s what some of us want. I don’t always have the right words but being there for someone is a a good sign of friendship and simple caring. Here’s what happened I was on the HWY 75N and I skidded on sleet. This was in Dallas on yesterday around 10:30 am. I was a little freaked out my 1st reaction was to check my mirrors to see if any cars were near me. Thank God they were far enough. I lightly pressed the brakes and tried to correct my position, my vehicle swerved a bit, thank God I was able to accelerate normally and be on my way. After I parked I called my bf and couldn’t reach him, so I messaged him to not text till he was off the road. I was trying to reach him before he went to work at 12, why cause I’m concerned. I finally got home and he called around 12:30 I started to tell him what happened, he said call me when you calm your nerves. I’m like huh okay, in my mind I’m like seriously. I text him that I had been trying to reach him for over an hour and why didn’t he want to speak to me? He said cause I sounded nervous. I’m like really, so we hang up. I wait around 30 minutes and call him back I ask if he’s busy since he’s at work, he replies no. I ask so why are you blowing me off. He says you know what I’m busy I’ll call you back! This was sad to hear because I felt like I was of non importance. Clearly I needed to reflect on myself, because I’m didn’t do anything wrong, except cared too much. Let me spell it out for myself, if he is already disregarding me for something like this, how will it be when it’s more major? I’m already an over analyzer, so my thoughts for the whole day and night were scrambled. Bottom line I obviously don’t know him enough. We have on my been together since late December sad thing is this is a rekindled relationship from 5 years ago. Yes it’s my fault for allowing him back in my life. I knew there was a possibility of being hurt again. I just didn’t think it’d go like this. I’m not dumb I just thought him saying thank you for giving me a 2nd chance more than once meant something. I know I’m a caring person. I think it’s time for me to just sit back and see what happens. I don’t want to do this with questionable thoughts of concern or wondering if there will be a next time. Maybe some will say I over reacted, tbh yes I do sometimes but this time I don’t think I did anything wrong. Being concerned for safety and wanting to hear some comforting words from my bf, isn’t expecting too much.


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